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InDeAs membership:

InDeAs invites membership from the design community in India. You can become a member of InDeAs if you are practising in the field of design in India. The membership is open to people and orgnaisations working in the following fields of design:

. Industrial Design - Product Design, Furniture Design, Ceramic Design, Transportation or Automobile Design, Textile Design

. Communication Design - Graphic Design, Publication Design, Identity Design, Animation Design, Film and Video, Interaction Design, New Media Design

. Environmental Design - Signage Design, Retail Design

. Craft Design

InDeAs has presently a membership of 318 with commitments for 8 corporate membership. InDeAs will open chapters in all the major places and regions in India. More about InDeAs in the coming months.

Membership Fees :
The entry membership fees will be used for building a corpus fund.